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Beanino was inspired by a housewife who wanted to prepare a good and healthy menu for her entire family; similarly, this concept will be delivered to every customer.

logo design

Logo & Label Design

Squirrels and birds are used for visual communication because they are both selective animals that only eat high-quality seeds and are friendly and close to humans.

visual & illustration

An illustration of a woman living in nature, surrounded by lovely friends such as squirrels and birds who will help her in selecting the best quality ingredients to create her healthy pudding menu and drinks. The illustration also reflects the concept of high quality of life, as the brand provides and delivers the best menu to each customer.




Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designed : Nutcha Dusadeepun

Illustrator : Kamolmas Jittapramoulboon

Photographed : Parinya Kawsrito

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