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This project is come from a traditional lifestyle adapting with a modern Thai lifestyle. Busaba Ayutthaya chose an old Thai house as the main character of the hostel. The building got renovated into a modern Thai house that have a unique character by covered the old house with a white metal frame. The structure of the building designed to be memorable and universal.


This idea is come from a traditional lifestyle adapting with a modern Thai lifestyle. Busaba Cafe is a fusion Thai restuarant that have created their own menu by using all local goods such as prawn river and Thai cotton candy. This cafe has introduced a new aspect of Thai fusion cafe.​​​​​​​

PUBLIC : BOB International Magazine of

Space Design @2020 Archi Lab



Umeno cafe is a brand new Japanese fusion restaurant that based in Bangkok. The cafe specialized in Tofu, Yuba and Tonyu under the concept of deliver delicious healthy food to all. The logo is designed under the idea of modern Japanese and rabbits motif is the main character of the brand to represent kindness and teamworks.


PUBLIC : The Secret of Popular Catering Brand Design - Hightone (H.K.)

Publishing Co.,Ltd @2021

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During the Moon Festival, Vanilla Restaurant offers gift sets that include “Vanilla Mooncake” and “Vanilla Moonlight”, a long-held tradition in the East. In mid-September, on the fullest moonlit autumn night, it is considered an auspicious occasion to worship the moon.

PUBLIC : Oriental Colors - Colors Design Aesthetics @2021



Each package of the moon cake series was designed to be distinctly, fun and trendy. The only design condition was that all packages needed to be propitious due to the belief that the moon cake is an auspicius pastry of the Mid-Autum Festival.​​​​​​​

PUBLIC : Asian Element - Graphic Design in the East @2019 SANDU



All That Bangkok features a life-less-ordinary experience, along with some good handy amenities and services like the All Good In The Hood cafe, and its monthly workshops located at the same place. It not just a hostel it's a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood comes with amenities for the locals.

PUBLIC : Hotel & Guest House Designs

@2018 PIE International



OneMatcha Zuki : One of the Quality Matcha brand from Japan. The name “Matcha Zuki” means “LOVE”. The prominent quality of Matcha is not only “no bitter taste” but also obtain a nice green color with natural aroma. We selected only the high-quality Tencha green tea from Uji, Kyoto region. The richly green leaves are baked at optimal temperature then finely ground in a stone mortar to make quality, dark green like jade matcha powder offering the most delicious, high nutrients that benefitted your loved ones.


PUBLIC : Time for Tea - Branding & Packaging design of tea @2021 SANDU

web, be _ matcha zuki - 02 - white.png


The mooncake boxes are designed for exclusive clients of bank of ayudhya public company limited, thailand, as the expressing gratitude. Emperor of the moon The work’s inspired by the emperor’s attire which represents a significant social status through a textile fabric, color and accessories. This illustrated textile design speaks to a receiver about a good definition and interpretation of nature, plants and animals that means auspicious, wealthy and good fortune.


PUBLIC : Bon Appetit / Graphic Design in Food Packaging @2021 SANDU

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