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Entry It means the beginning or entrance that has been adopted as the brand name. The entrance door handle products aim to elevate people's lives, making them easier, safer, and more convenient. This provides the assurance that your home is secure, strong, and beautiful. The brand carefully selects door handle sets that match your home.

logo design

Brand identity & Packaging design

The logo design is conceived with the idea of blending the narrative of opening and closing doors with the brand name. The doors are visible in every letter, whether from the top or sides, to truly reflect the practical usage of door-related products. The modern iconography caters to today's lifestyle needs.

visual design

Through experimenting with the logo by cutting it out of paper and playing with shadows cast on the background surface, which result from different light conditions throughout the day, it's akin to us opening the door to our homes each day at different times. The results of these experiments maintain the logo's dimensions, making it more dimensional and deeper. This leads to the packaging box design process, which adapts the experimental approach. The letters flow continuously, resembling floor plans or home layouts.



Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Wannaporn Bangsuanluang

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