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The owner of the garden is a botanical expert with knowledge of landscaping.

(There are very few in Thailand) The Botanist has both cafe and activities to learn and experience; specialised workshops such as terrarium, green wall and trees are sold. It is a biologically diverse garden, with everything gathered in one area at the Botanist.

logo design

Brand identity

The Botanist logo is inspired by the story of a brand, a location that is more than just a cafe, but a story about a variety of trees and activities. The tree species being studied resulted in the creation of a logo in which the letter b, the first letter of the brand name, is combined with one of the unique plant types. The leaf shape was inspired by the plant "Ceratozamia euryphyllidia." The story of bringing a glass of water as a drink and everything in this area is connected to demonstrate that the botanist is a cafe where elements are completed in every way.


The interpretation of the place, people, and stories that the logo wishes to convey is what inspires brand design. It combines the brand name, the leaf, and the café.

The brand's colour is due to Botanist's four zones: rain forest, tropical forest, Jurassic forest, and desert garden. As a result, in the set of four, the colour from each zone has been set to be the brand's colour. "Green" refers to the area of a Botanic Garden that contains various plants. "Brown" stands for a cafe and drinks. The ground value is "Reddish brown" in the middle of this area. The colour "light green" represents the people.



Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Nuttavee Jiratthitikan

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

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