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The brand's concept is centred on the quality of life, offering organic vegetables produced by new agricultural practices that supported by experts from the brand. The vegetables grow successfully in the proper environment and manner, harvest by the farmers then distributes to various sell channels by Certifarm. The term ‘Certifarm’ refers to ‘certified farming’ which means an agriculture’s quality assurance.

Certifarm wants to establish a brand that represents high-quality agricultural products. Through the mindful selection of non-toxic vegetables from local and imported.

logo design

Brand Identity

The logo design represents the idea of ‘collaboration’ between farmers' groups and Certifarm.

As a brand image, with a strong commitment that our collaborative efforts produce the best results in terms of creating and elevating the quality of life, as well as delivering the best vegetables to consumers.

graphic design

Develop the cropped logo, resized and selected the key elements of the logo movement. As a result, the brand image system was recognised.

font & colour design

Brand fonts are chosen to facilitate communication while also enhance the brand’s quality appearance. The brand's green colour simply represents vegetables. Gradient colours were used to give the brand more dimensional look.





Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Wannaporn Bangsuanluang

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

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