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Mesh is a sustainable brand using recycled fabric to create a form of apparel such as a tote bag and a purse to reduce the number of wasted clothes that end up in the landfill. Similarly to legos, Mesh is a small modular piece in which pieces can be configured and reconstructed in multiple directions and limitless possibilities.

This display design for a booth at Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand, aims to introduce the brand itself and inspire people to be trendsetters supporting with additional playing space for their invention.

Shelves design

logo concept

Related to Mesh concept, the design has driven from a module as these 4 meters d.i.y. shelves can be divided into a single unit with multifunctional uses. They were all constructed of timbers as the festival and the brand both have the intention to decrease noxious consumption. Organic and natural supplies can only be used, and say no to plastic.


Graphic display represents the brand visually and conveys information about the brand with some d.i.y. guide in the form of poster design combining with Mesh installation. All graphic elements including typography are inspired by Mesh modular piece from a single module continuing to the complexity speaking the same language to the brand.



Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designed by Waratchaya Boonket

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