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project synopsis


The mooncake boxes are designed for exclusive clients of bank of ayudhya public company limited, thailand, as the expressing gratitude.

Emperor of the moon


The work’s inspired by the emperor’s attire which represents ​a significant social status through a textile fabric, color and accessories. This illustrated textile design speaks to a receiver about a good definition and interpretation of nature, plants and animals that means auspicious, wealthy and good fortune.


The illustration shows a drawing of auspicious animals in an abundant forest. There’s a building with the roof that has the same shape as the bank’s logo, located on the top of the mountain showing that it’s the best in every aspects.

Package Design




Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designed by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Illustrator by Chavisa Sangchan (keyvisual), Kattiya Mokekasmith (card)

Photographed & Retouched by Parinya Kawsrito

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

Copyright © 2019 Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd


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