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Forklift and spare parts company with a forklift rental service that covered all market demands and requirements. Following that, the spare parts selling business was expanded to agricultural machinery groups, which included spare parts suppliers and entrepreneurs in various vehicles and machine manufacturers such as rickshaws, port and airport loading and unloading equipment, drilling vehicles and so on.

The goal of the brand transformation is to improve the brand’s image to be competitive in the global market. To help better understand the brand to clients by renaming to ‘Machitec’ from ‘JL Forklift & Parts’.

The previous name, JL Forklift & Parts, frequently caused clients confusion because they assumed the company was involved in a very specific type of business. In order to cover and expand the business specialised services, the brand was then renamed Machitec, which derived from a combination of the words ‘Machine’ + ‘Technology’

Brand identity

logo design

The logo was inspired by the concept of a cog, a small but very important device in the creation and operation of a machine. By reducing the details to only the most important things, a unique letter and icon logo that causes the dynamic driven gear itself is created

graphic identity

Developed from a cog of the logo by reconstructing the logo structure to create a variety of applications that can be used on both print media and online media while maintaining a clear brand image and the most effective communication across various platforms.



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Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Nuttavee Jiratthitikan

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