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The packaging design conveyed a sense of naturalness by emphasising and complementing the main product's feature ingredient, an orange. As well as creating a visual and valuable package for sustainability.


logo concept

The name “PRIMARY” refers to the brand's origin as a natural source. The rice shape is used as a symbol to create a memorable visual that presents clean and simple.


packaging concept

Primary is a skin care brand that deeply concern about preventing skin from the effects of free radical. In addition to pre-biotic and pro-biotic which incredibly act as skin barrier making your skin become healthier. Following from the Logo, We use rice to create main visuals on the packaging as to enhance the benefits of the serum. We use paper with texture, given the look and feel of a quality hand-crafted paper. However, we add more value by using copper foil on logo and some part of the packaging. 



Logo & Package Design


Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Logo Design by Nuttavee Jiratthitikan

Package & Visual Design by Natcha Dusadeepun

Photographed by Parinya Kawsrito

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

Copyright © 2020 Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd

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process design

final logo

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