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Let us introduce the Funky Fries!, a french fries brand made with qualities potato from Europe and America. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside by our secret deep fry recipe.

There are 5 original flavours like Cheese, BBQ, Chilli BBQ, Sour cream, Golden corn, including 3 special flavours such as Stir-fried clams with roasted chilli paste, Chicken chilli sauce and Habanero pepper. Together with the funky chicken bomb fried is another recommended side menu. Just try it! Order as an individual or as a pair. It's delicious and fun in a way with the brand's image that emphasises everyone to be in a good mood!!!


design concept


Funky Fries represented a french fries brand with its own distinct style.
Funky refers to Out-of-this-world fun, unstoppable, forgetful fun, as well as the rhythmic music of the 1980s that anyone who listens to will enjoy it. It still has an impact on many artists these days, for example, Bruno Mar, a singer with a funky style. With a modern 80's dressing style. Fries literally means "french fries," a very traditional dish. When these two words are combined, "Funky Fries" refers to fries that are both delicious and out of this world fun. No one is forbidden!


charactor design


To create a memorable and approachable brand image, the brand character is designed to be a potato boy, by using the shape of potato to represent the type of products and services. 
The potato boy's character wears skates as a sign of fun while performing various poses such as singing, running, moonwalking, cheering, and sitting, all while dressed in a unique and bold outfit.
The potato boy’s character wear skates as a sign of fun with various poses such as singing, running, moonwalking, cheering, and sitting, accompanied by a unique and bold outfit. (Like the taste of french fries), all presented with funky music (fries) under the slogan "Grooves in your mouth"


Logo & Package Design


Mudman Public Company Limited 



Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Wannaporn Bangsuanluang

Photographed by Parinya Kawsrito

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

Copyright © 2020 Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd

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