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This is a full refresh of the RTN Logistics logo. It is a flexible logo system that has true value and stories behind the company in a unique way. The main mark is inspired by the connection of containers. It also could look like the opening door that represents their client‚ Äôs opportunity to connect the world. We created a simple and playful logo that the mark is variable transformed into each transportation - Ship, Truck, and Plane. With the new logo and identity, RTN Logistics is ready to comprehensively serve the logistical needs of its customers.


The origin of the logo design arose from the idea of a rectangular shape that resembles a container. The diagonally drawn lines create the shape of triangles connecting the big picture. It is a conception of ideas that are consistent with the products and services, establishing a prototype that can be branched off into other images.



Logo design


Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Logo Design by Nuttavee Jiratthitikan & Yuwarat Surattanasathitkul

Brand Identity by Yuwarat Surattanasathitkul

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