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project synopsis

Vanilla’s Tea Party Set is designed to welcome the year 2020 as a new year present. The gift box includes cold brew tea 550ml, cold brew tea bag 2 flavors / 6 bags, tea cookie 3 flavors / 6 bags. The graphic design accentuates the cookie’s texture which is reminiscent of stone patterns, the color gradation is adjusted to align with the flavor of the cookies, in order to take in a deeper dimension of the product.
The box strap is designed to feature the eye-catching “vanilla greetings” for simple communication.



Packaging design


Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designed by Waratchaya Boonket

Photographed by Parinya Kawsrito

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

Copyright © 2019 Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd

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process design

final logo

font set

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