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Mud & Hound is a new name of MudMan, a food service company with many franchise brands both domestically and internationally, such as Au Bon Pain Bakery Cafe, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin' Donuts, Greyhound Original, Greyhound Cafe, Overhound Cafe, etc. The goal of this rebranding was to provide a more distinct brand image by imbuing the brand with a masculine demeanor. A businessman who understands the value of living a simple life. He is not addicted to luxury, but he is self-assured and knows how to choose what he likes. Dare to make important decisions on a risk-based basis with faith from the bottom of the heart.


design concept


There are six hidden meanings in logo design :
1. The Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of victory and good fortune, is combined with the letter M as part of the Mud & Hound brand.


2. The incorporation of Dunkin Donuts' D into the Mud & Hound brand in order to unify all of the sub-brands into one.


3. Adding arrows to the Mud & Hound brand to present more business meaning. The outcomes will be positive progress and soar to the international market.


4. Incorporation of the Au Bon Pain brand's O as part of the Mud & Hound brand to reflect the characteristic of the products and services. A café that serves snacks, bread, and coffee.


5. Greyhound is represented by the colour grey. Grey is the primary colour of the brand to reflect Mud & Hound's connection to it.


6. Hidden letters that can be combined to form words and read as the word "SIMON" consist of the letters "M," "S," and "I," with the "&" formed by the combination of the "O" and "N."

To create a clear vision including the full line in the letter.



Mudman Public Company Limited 

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Brand Identity


Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Nuttavee Joratthitikan

Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

Copyright © 2021 Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd

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