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Jenbunjerd Co Ltd is the leading manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of Materials Handling Equipment with the most diverse range of products in Thailand, was established in 1984 to manufacture, import, and distribute storage and materials handling equipment. Including general-purpose hand trucks, warehouse lift trucks, forklift trucks, racking systems, plastic pallet

and bins, up to consulting, designing, installation, and commissioning of highly sophisticated Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS), fully meeting all customer requirements as the Total Solution Provider.


Under the old slogan “Move the world”, Jenbunjerd’s strong commitment is to produce and distribute the widest range of materials handling and industrial equipment & system in Thailand throughout three decades.

We create an all-new visual identity, by developing a new icon. A huge improvement from the out of date design of the existing logo. Memorable, scalable and dynamic - ideal for the market they sit within along with the new tagline “Lift Up Your Intralogistics Performance”.


With intention taking a local brand international, We made a main concept for logo design by transforming the capital letter in Thai ‘Jor Jan’ to letter ‘J’. These are some of explorations. The line J icon was designed to evoke trustworthiness and reliability, two of the company’s core values. Square forms and bright colours are used to make the brand more approachable and communicate its creative flair.


Bold, enlarged, and interactive icon treatments act as a graphic expression of one’s product in motion.

This application is then further enhanced through strong use of colour in the merchandise highlighted in campaign photography across digital and print applications.



Brand identity


Design Director by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Designer by Yuwarat Surattanasathitkul

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